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Under the umbrella of Connecting to God Ministry you will find both our Worship and Music Teams. Below is more information pertaining to the different aspects of Worship at Epworth. Connecting to God at Epworth is more than just a deep experience on Sunday Mornings. It is a learning experience, a visual experience and an audio experience. The links below will lead you to the different areas of this ministry area, our bulletins (the Order of Worship), links to videos of our services and a bit more about each part of worship at Epworth – including our ministry to the deaf.

Aspects of Worship… Communion

Worship Resources…

Worship Videos
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Music & Art Ministries… Chancel Choir PRAISE! Team Memorial Bell Choir


RIGHT NOW, during the COVID-19 shutdowns, we are Worshiping at 10:00am on Sundays – ONLINE ONLY on FACEBOOK LIVE!

NORMALLY, we Worship Sunday mornings* at…

7:45 am in a Traditional setting;
9:15 am in a Contemporary setting with Praise Team and American Sign Language interpreted; and
11:15 am in a Traditional setting with the Chancel Choir.
Children’s Sunday School begins during the 9:15 Service. Child care is available at the 9:15 and 11:15 Services.
Our typical Winter Schedule changes a bit… this past year, for example…
* During the Winter of 2019-20 we will be worshiping as follows:
December 29 and all Sundays in January:
10:00 am – Combined Worship – American Sign Language interpreted
All Sundays in February:
9:15 am in a Contemporary setting with Praise Team and American Sign Language interpreted; and
11:15 am in a Traditional setting with the Chancel Choir.

At the heart of everything we do at Epworth is Worship. We are committed, by principle, to offering “passionate worship” at all three of our worship services.   By definition, Worship is the “work of the people,” and Worship at Epworth is very much the people at work.  Working from the lectionary (readings selected for each Sunday and shared through Protestant and Roman Catholic traditions) and following the liturgical calendar of the year, choices and selections for worship themes are made by several groups of people. The Worship Ministry Team:

Members of this team are chosen from representatives throughout the congregation, members of the Worship Design and Worship leaders team, and the ushers.   We intentionally choose representatives from each of the three services to be sure each worship service has a representative in the conversation.  The team discusses overarching themes for the seasons of the church year as well as practical matters such as the Worship Ministry Team budget.
The Worship Design Team:  Composed of talented professionals from the field of design, the Worship Design team is tasked with creating imagery for our worship space that will enhance the themes of the season.  Because Epworth is a particularly large sanctuary and the chancel area is over two stories in height, the Worship Design Team has an especially challenging job each season.  But they have come through with incredible and wonderful images for each and every celebration.

The Worship Leaders Team:

Composed of the Director of Music Ministries and our Pastors, this group meets weekly.  We focus our conversations on upcoming worship events, details of timing and placement, and all other matter of fine tuning for worship services.
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