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Inner Practices (Jan. 10-Feb. 14, 2021)

As we contemplate the dawn of the light of hope in this new year, we consider the inner practices that nourish that light in our lives. Sometimes called spiritual disciplines, these practices shape the way of life in Christ, preparing us for growth and transformation.

January 10
Sabbath and Rest (Hebrews 4:9-16) Sabbath rest helps reorient our priorities. (See Genesis 2:25–Naked and unashamed for who we are, not what we do.)
January 17
Contemplation & Centering Prayer (Acts 17:22-28)  When we open our hearts, we can see God at work in everything.
January 24
Silence & Solitude (1 Kings 19:9-15) In order to hear God, we need to quiet our hearts and minds.
January 31
The Living Word & Lectio Divina (John 1:1-5) Scripture draws us into a relationship with God; a way God communicates with us.
February 7
Meditation (Psalm 63:1-8) Meditation moves our relationship with God from our head to our heart.
February 14
Detachment (Wesleyan Covenant Prayer) Philippians 4:8-13) Jesus gives us strength to let go of our ego and our need for life to go our way. 

The Discipleship Journey

Throughout the year, we will be focusing on different aspects of our journey of discipleship (following Jesus by living the life to which he calls us – individually and as a human community). See the outline of the plan for the year.

Pastors Vicki & Bo