WINGS works under the Finding Your Place Ministry Team which works to help everyone find how they can use their gifts to participate in meaningful activities that explore faith and embrace community. We believe in small groups where people care for each other and help each other grow spiritually. This team helps connect people to a life of faith.

Who are We?

WINGS was formed to help people more directly connect with volunteer opportunities. We have set up a table in the Main Hallway to display handouts, and also offer a single sheet reference Be the Hands & Feet. We are proudly celebrating our 1-year anniversary at Epworth since being formed.

What do we do?

We will provide you the current information on times, dates, & direct contacts to find areas that need your help. We will even follow up on your behalf to make sure the connection is made.

WINGS also volunteers as a group in projects of immediate need, such as Hurricane Harvey.

Together with the generous support from our congregation & the shoppers at Giant, we collected enough supplies to fill 115 buckets & 200 hygiene kits!

Want to know more?

Check us out today!

For more information, please stop by our table on a Sunday morning or send an email Janet Taylor-Smith. The group meets on the 2nd Monday of each month. Please check the LIVE CHURCH CALENDAR for room and time.

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