Planned Giving
Have you prepared or updated your will? 
Even thought about a will?
Have you thought about the legacy you’re leaving for your loved ones, as well as for your church?

Last will and testament

Planned Giving

The work of Epworth United Methodist Church is supported not only through the generosity of its current members, but through the tremendous gifts of generations past. There are a number of ways to contribute to the long range health of the Epworth community and the ministries we support:

  • The Legacy Society is a wonderful group of Epworth supporters who have chosen to remember Epworth in their wills. Our legacy is the sum total of all the good we have done for family, friends and those less fortunate. Who among us doesn’t want to leave a lasting, positive legacy? The Legacy Society celebrates the rich history of our church and ensures its work into the future.  For more information on Making a Legacy Gift in your Will, please click here
  • The Epworth Endowment is the recipient of generations of giving in our church. Gifts to the Endowment are invested and the proceeds support the work of the church in an ongoing way. The Epworth Endowment is able to accept gifts of appreciated stocks and other financial investment vehicles, and would be delighted to explore a variety of planned giving opportunities that make use of tax incentives to enable larger giving.  Some examples of planned giving can be found by clicking here.

The Planned Giving brochure is available by clicking here. For more information on planned givingextravagant generosity app opportunities at Epworth, please contact Dennis St. Germain.

The Mid-Atlantic United Methodist Foundation, Inc is working with Epworth to help interested parishioners with planning gifts they want to give the church. You can access more information about Mid-Atlantic UM Foundation by clicking here, or you can visit its website here.