Now More Than Ever 2020 Stewardship

Now, More Than Ever
2020-21 Stewardship Campaign


Rejoice in hope,

be patient in tribulation,

be constant in prayer.
…Romans 12:12



Dear Epworth Family,
May 2020

We hold each of you in prayer at this most challenging time! Our annual stewardship outreach comes during a period of uncertainty and anxiety. The pandemic has left its mark on all of us, here in southern Delaware and across the globe. These are the most trying times some of us have ever lived through. We are concerned about our health and wellness and that of our loved ones; many of us feel isolated and even frightened.

The pandemic leaves us less financially secure as well. Some of you have been furloughed at work or have lost your jobs. Many have had to dip into personal savings. And those beyond our walls served by our ministries have even greater needs than before. Thanks to dozens of dedicated, selfless volunteers, we have been able to continue many ministries despite the current restrictions.

Epworth has been challenged to cover our expenses at a time when revenue is down, in part because we haven’t been able to gather in person for worship. The economic downturn likely is another factor. We greatly appreciate those who have made gifts online and mailed checks to the church during our weeks apart.

At the same time our revenue has declined, our expenses have increased. A costly but much needed upgrade to our HVAC system is underway now. Our budgeted needs continue growing – at the same time the needs of the community we serve also grow because of the pandemic. Now more than ever, we will be called on to meet these needs. Our leadership is working diligently to control expenses to the extent possible and to maintain our financial health. Epworth will remain a source of help and hope in this trying time that will testify to our faith in Christ for years to come.

To download a printable Giving Card CLICK HERE. Please prayerfully consider your response and mail your card to the church office by June 1 — or bring it to church if we are able to gather together by then. On a spiritual level, making a commitment of giving over the next 12 months demonstrates our willingness to commit to God’s work through our church. On a practical level, it allows our leaders to determine how to most effectively focus our finances to meet the needs of Epworth and our community during the next year.

If your giving in the past has not been based on a prospective pledged amount, please consider making that commitment this year. ANY amount is important and appreciated; the commitment is what matters most. Should circumstances keep you from meeting that goal, be assured that we will understand and support whatever decision is the right one for YOU.

We pray for God to protect and comfort you during this public health crisis. You are each a blessing and a gift to our church!



Your 2020-21 Stewardship Campaign Team


Epworth United Methodist Church
19285 Holland Glade Road
Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971