Wednesday Prayer Group Begins Study

William Willimon’s Fear of the Other
Beginning Wednesday, Sept. 16, at 7 pm, our Zoom Prayer Group invites you to join us for a five-week book study, using Will Willimon’s book, Fear of the Other: No Fear in Love. David Garrett will be facilitating the conversation.

There is a distinctively Christian way to engage the so-called “outsider” and “stranger.”

Rooted in the faith of Israel and the Christian story and vision, Willimon – in conversation with Delia Catalina Ramirez, brings a non-technical, Wesleyan perspective to bear on what may be the hardest thing for people of faith to do: keeping and loving the Other as Other.

Emphasizing the biblical mandate to receive Others in their particularity and difference as gifts and mysteries bearing the grace of God, this study also offers a strong critique of the privileged who all too often rush to language of reconciliation and evade the huge inequalities surrounding conversations and practices dealing with xenophobia and injustice.

The 5 video conversations between Will Willimon and Delia Ramirez focus on each of the five chapters of Fear of the Other:
Session 1: Saved by the Other
Session 2: The Other, My Enemy
Session 3: Learning to Fear Like Christians
Session 4: Loving the Other in Church
Session 5: Jesus, the Other

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