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Dear Epworth Friends,

Over the past couple of years, Epworth has developed a spiritual discipline of sending out Daily Devotionals during Advent and Lent. These have been a great source of inspiration for many members and friends of Epworth. Of course, the Devotionals are written by a great group of dedicated authors from within the congregation–YOU! 

Please give consideration to writing a Lenten Devotional. Scripture passages and themes for each week of Lent is provided. Email David Garrett to get on the schedule. Thank you very much. You make this ministry work! 

David Garrett

1. Scripture verse(s) – use the passages below as a guide. You may use different passages that relate to the theme for the week.
2. Devotional content–this may be comprised of your personal reflections or story, a poem or hymn, or any combination thereof.
3. End with a 2-3 sentence prayer.
4. PLEASE use Verdana font, 14 point and submit in .docx format.
5. The whole devotional word count should be between 450 and 550 words.

Days/Weeks of Lent Scripture Passages Themes to focus on DUE DATE
Ash Wednesday week Joel 2:1-2, 12-17   02/03/21
Week 1—Temptation Mark 1:9-15 Knowing that we are also “beloved” helps us fight temptations. 02/10/21
Week 2—Commitment Mark 8:31-38 Following Jesus demands our all.  02/17/21
Week 3—Misguided Attempts John 2:13-22 Sometimes, like the money changers in the temple, we go about following Jesus in the wrong way.  02/24/21
Week 4—Exposure John 3:14-21 The light of Jesus lays us bare, which prepares us for the healing. 03/03/21
Week 5—Distraction John 12:20-33 We cannot let the good distract us from the best.  03/10/21
Week 6–Endurance (Palm Sunday) Mark 11:1-11/15:1-47 Jesus could not avoid pain in this life and wants us to turn away from our own/others’ pain.  03/17/21
Holy Thursday John 13:1-17,31b-35   03/17/21
Good Friday John 18:1-19:42   03/17/21