Sermon Series: Every Day Miracles

During the month of July our sermon messages will be based on “Every Day Miracles” that members of our congregation have experienced in their lives. These were times of divine presence, healing, and deliverance from tragedy that were part of everyday life. We are called by our faith to remember that God is always with us and to trust that there is a shield of protection that often results in miracles. As we explore these three areas we will look at Biblical miracles in the Old and New Testaments. Much of the Old Testament was a time of God’s divine presence among the faithful. The Psalms sing of deliverance from enemies and sin. And the Gospels are filled with the stories of Jesus’ healing the sick. Join us as we hear that God is still with us today in those same ways.
sundays in july
the 14th
divine presence
rev todd delivers the message
hebrews 1:4-14 & psalms 91:1-16
the 21st
deliverance from tragedy
rev vicky delivers the message
psalm 34  &  exodus 14
the 28th
a healing service
rev vicky delivers the message
john 5:1-9