Our Miracle Story for July 21

Deliverance from Tragedy … from David M King
   Last summer I was on my deck and picked up a large plant to move to the cement pad below and started to fall, knowing in that split second that I was going to get badly hurt.  When I was over half-way down, I felt something lift me up and put me solidly on my feet and back on the deck. This had to be God, or perhaps God sent my mom and dad to protect me.  All I could do was thank God that this episode did not end up with major injuries or possible death.
Deliverance from Tragedy … from Kristin Weschler
   In May 2013, my husband Tim and I rode our motorcycles from Maryland to visit my father and stepmother in Naples, Florida. After our visit, we continued all the way down to Key West, where we took photos of ourselves and our bikes at the southernmost point of the United States. After staying overnight in Key West, we headed back to Maryland. Since it was overcast and drizzling, we put our rain gear on in case the weather turned worse. Just like all other trips, we would take our time and stop as needed.
   On our way up Interstate 95, just outside of Naples, there was an area undergoing significant roadwork. We had gone through the same area on our trip down, so I was careful to stay within the speed limit and pay close attention to the grooves on the road and the track my husband was taking ahead of me. Despite my best efforts, however, my front tire got caught in one of the road rivets, and before I knew it, I had lost complete control of the bike. The last thing I recall is saying, “Oh God!”
   When I opened my eyes, I was on the inner shoulder of the interstate and saw my panic-stricken husband running towards. Miraculously, although going 65 mph, my bike and I had cleared 1-2 lanes of traffic without being hit and came to a stop on the shoulder before hitting the metal divider. Furthermore, the only injury I sustained was some road burn on my knees and wrists. I was taken to the hospital where it was determined that I had no internal injuries or broken bones—not even a limp! Although I could not remember anything about the accident, a CAT scan determined that I did not sustain a concussion, and I was released within a matter of hours.
   I still do not recall anything about the accident itself–dropping the bike, being thrown across the road—yet at the time I did everything you are supposed to do when you are in a motorcycle accident.  I honestly believe that an angel was watching over me and carried me to the shoulder without injury to myself or others who could well have been involved in the accident. God was certainly watching over me on that June day, and I am forever grateful.