Miracle Story for July 14

An Answered Prayer – Divine Presence … from Clella Harp
    On Maundy Thursday in April, I drove to the Rehoboth Beach Library. On my way back from the library, I decided to stop at the outlets to check out a sale at Eddie Bauer.  As I entered the parking lot, I began hearing a strange sound that increased as I drove. I pulled into a parking space and, as I got out of my car, two men ran up behind me saying I had a flat tire. One asked if I had a spare tire and I replied that I did, but didn’t know what to do with it! I opened the trunk and they retrieved the spare tire and our jack. One of the men told the other that he could take care of the tire, so the other man left.
     My helper had a difficult time getting the jack positioned properly, but finally was able to pump up the car. As he started to remove the flat tire, the jack collapsed and caught his hand. Fortunately, he was able to get his hand out. I felt so badly I silently prayed for God to help this man. Parked next to me was a man sitting in the driver’s’ seat of his SUV, with his window down—just watching. My helper jacked the car up again, reached in to release the tire, and the jack collapsed again, catching his hand once more.
    As he cried out, I turned to the man in his SUV and said, “Sir, could you please get out of your car and help this man?” The man climbed slowly out of his car, just as my helper was able to release his hand again. He asked the SUV driver if he had a better jack we could use, and he replied he would need to move his car. He got back into the SUV, backed up, and took off!
    Just as the man who was helping me tried again to find a better place to position the jack, I looked up and saw two large men walking across the nearly empty parking lot. Both were wearing jeans and bright orange T-shirts with no writing or logos. Coming up to my car they said, “Could you use some help?” Of course my helper and I agreed that we needed help.  When I first saw them, the thought went through my mind, “Here are more angels,” not really thinking in a spiritual sense but as a description of such kind helpers. One of the men lifted up the front of the car by the tire, and the other lifted the fender above the flat, making it possible for my helper to find a better position for the jack.
    As he again started to pump it, he remarked that his hand hurt, and one of the men took over and continued to pump. While doing so, he turned and looked up at me, and joked, “how many construction workers does it take to change a tire?” That made me laugh. Finally, the other two men were able to remove the flat tire and position the spare in place. After the lugs were back on the tire, the two men stood up and asked my helper if he could finish up. My helper assured them that he could and we both thanked them profusely. The two men walked off in the same direction that they had come from and after they passed the car parked on the other side, I could no longer see them—anywhere.
    The significance of what had occurred didn’t really start sinking in until I pondered all this as I drove back home. The more I thought about this experience that day and night, I knew that the two men were indeed angels sent to help. The thought passed through my mind, “You asked for help – and I sent it.”
    Since that day, this experience has never been far from my mind. I sense newness in the way I look at each new day and how I live out my faith. I am convinced that angels are all around us–we just don’t see them until we need to.