Working to make it clear that all are welcome to participate at Epworth
Working to help everyone find a place at Epworth where they feel welcome
Working to deepen your connect to God in our Worship & Music
Working to put our faith into action as we care for one another

Our Mission: Inviting All, Finding Your Place, Connecting to God, Demonstrating Care

We organize in Four Ministry Teams that work in collegial ways to fulfill our vision. Each team is led by an elected Ministry Leader and a staff Program Manager who work with those called to coordinate our cooperative ministries (Ministry Coordinators). These teams review and evaluate current ministries and strategize new ministries as they determine the best next steps in each Mission Area. Our Governing Board page has more detailed information regarding the church leadership.

Exploring Faith, Embracing Community

We believe that when we explore faith and embrace community, we follow God’s call upon Epworth Church. These actions define who we are in that faith deserves our exploration and the well being of the community outside our walls must not be forgotten. We invite those who participate in church to do worship plus two, which is experiencing worship plus finding one ministry that explores faith and one that embraces community.