Good Samaritans

During the COVID-19 shutdown, our Good Samaritan and Food Rescue Ministry Teams have been working overtime to feed both the under-served community and those affected by the shutdown of the many businesses in the area. While the building is for the most part closed, these folks have been working while diligently obeying the highest of sanitary standards and social distancing possible.
Below is a shopping list you may print if you are looking to donate supplies.
The Good Samaritan Ministry works in teams with our Food Rescue Ministry to provide approximately 900 bags of groceries to local people in need of food. The Food Rescue folks rescue food from local restaurants and stores that has been pulled from the shelves.
For example, Wawa – Wawa has hot breakfast sandwiches under heat lamps at their registers, the sandwiches stay there for a maximum 120-minutes and then would be thrown away if unsold. Instead, the folks at Wawa place the unsold product into deep freeze (-10°) for our Food Rescue volunteers to come and collect them to be distributed through Our Good Samaritans. In 2019, there were 62,100 food units rescued from the 3 local Wawas, that is and average of 1,200 units/week – WOW! Every one of those food units were distributed to local shelters, community feeding programs and through the Good Samaritan Ministry
In addition to Wawa, the fine people at our local Weis and Giant supermarkets, Chipotle, Chick-Fil-A, Surf Bagel and Panera Bread (to name a few) also donate large amounts of food that would be thrown away at the end of each day… almost 211,500 lbs in 2019.
We have had monetary donations from Schell Brothers and Community Bank, plus several anonymous donors. No donation is small, they all add up. Remember, no single snowflake thinks that it is responsible for the snowstorm; but together each snowflake helps to build a snowman.
One of our donors made a school project of collecting food and money. Cooper Nathan, of Redden Ridge printed up a flyer and took it around the neighborhood… a couple of weeks later, Cooper dropped off 457.9 lbs of food and cleaning supplies at Epworth. His efforts were highlighted in the most recent issue of neighborhood newsletter. As found in Les Misérables, Gavroche – the youngest member of the cast sings, “This only goes to show, what little people can do!,” as part of one of his songs. THANK YOU COOPER! You are wise beyond your age.
That’s Cooper—>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>