Weekly Contributions
   There are several ways to make a donation to Epworth. Many people choose to use contribution envelopes, the most traditional way to give. However, in today’s world of PCs and smart phones and tablets there are more. All contributions are greatly appreciated. Below are all of the ways you may make a contribution to Epworth to help fund our missions and ministries.
   If you create a secure Online Giving Account, you will be able to view your contributions in the privacy of your home or office. Please use the link below.
Long Range Planning
   Planned Giving and Legacy Giving are two more ways to contribute to Epworth. We have two leaders who can help you add Epworth to your Retirement and/or Will plans. 
   Please use the link below to find out more about these two giving opportunities.
2018 Capital Campaign
   When Epworth moved to our new campus on Holland Glade Road 10-years ago we brought with us our rich heritage as well as a large mortgage. We have had a monthly payment around $15,000 from the start – MONTHLY.
   Can you IMAGINE THE POSSIBILITIES of how we could use those funds for instead of paying it out to the bank. Most of it is interest.
   Our leaders have started a Capital Campaign designed to rid us of this financial burden and allow us to grow our ministries and missions.
   Click the link below for more information and ways that you may get involved.