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Get Involved at Epworth

Epworth is a vibrant church made up of many different people with many different histories and walking many different paths in their journey. through life. With this in mind, you will find that there are many different ways that someone, even you, may get involved in something at Epworth. You may also find yourself getting involved in several activities… that is easy to do.
Many of the opportunities to get involved at Epworth are listed here.

Where to look…

Epworth is a large church with many, many missions and ministries. In order to keep our website navigable we have a couple of our larger ministries broken out into their own portions of our website. The Caring Ministry is our largest of those groups. The Preschool also maintains their own space. Each of these areas of ministry has opportunities in which you may become involved. Below are links to each of their pages.
Caring Page
Preschool Page

How to become involved…

You need not be a member of Epworth to participate. However if you would like to become a member, more information is available by contacting Diana in the church office at 302.227.7743 x102.

There are many activities for both families and singles. At Epworth a family is not always mom, dad and the kid(s), sometimes it is a single parent or grandparent(s) or guardian and the kid(s) or mom, mom and the kid(s) and even dad, dad and the kid(s). Our families are diverse.

There are many different education opportunities for all ages. Children, youth, and adult programs are plentiful. We call our Education Programs FAITH DEVELOPMENT. It covers all aspects of growing in Christ.

Adult Education

Youth Group (teens)

Pathways and Leadership Teams

Serving is also a part of Giving. In Serving we Give our time and talent. But, Giving may also be monetarily. Monetary Gifts are needed to keep the lights lit, the heat and air conditioning on and a roof over our heads. Financial Contributions are a major part of being “involved” in any organization.