Sermon Series:
Epworth 2020 … a clear vision
     A big WELCOME to 2020… and a big WELCOME to our new Senior Pastor, Rev Dr Vicki Gordy-Stith. Our Sermon Series for the month of January will be “Epworth 2020 …a clear vision”. As we work our way through the winter months at Epworth, we use January to worship as one community. This is an opportunity for people from the different services to see each other and hear the choir and PRAISE! Team. Spending these 4-weeks together, as one, gives us the opportunity to worship and fellowship together. This gives our new Senior Pastor the to opportunity to see the Epworth Family all together. 
    Each Sunday we will take a look into on of the 4 Ministry Areas of Epworth, Inviting All, Finding Your Place, Connecting to God and Demonstrating Care. Each Ministry Areas has many different Ministries within their area and each Sunday one particular Ministry will be highlighted. For example the Deaf Ministry is part of the Inviting All Ministry. We will be learning how this Ministry started and how it has grown over the years into the blessing it is to have our deaf and hard of hearing members participating in the many other Ministries of Epworth.
     We look forward to seeing you in January… and to our snowbirds who have flown south to the warmer climates, we look forward to seeing you on your return… you can always watch the services online.
Winter Worship Schedule
Combined Worship throughout January
1 Service at 10:00am
Sunday January 5
Communion Sunday
Inviting All
– The Deaf Ministry
Matthew 2:1-12
Pastor Vicki
delivers the Message
Sunday, January 12
Finding Your Place
– Youth Ministry
Ephesians 4:11-16
Pastor Vicki
delivers the Message
Sunday, January 19
Connecting to God
Worship Design
Isaiah 55
Pastor Vicki
delivers the Message
Sunday, January 26
Demonstrating Care
Leashes of Love
Matthew 25:31-40
Rev Todd delivers the Message