Videos & Worship Resources for our Deaf Ministry
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Welcome to our new video page dedicated to the deaf and hard of hearing community…
Please click on the service time to view the video. If the service time is not a link, the service has not yet been uploaded to our Media Warehouse. DVD recording are available for will also be available for minimal donation. They are cataloged via Sermon Series.  Recordings of our videos for the hearing may be found by CLICKING HERE.

2019 Deaf Ministry Videos

January 2019
1/06  10:00a  Bulletin Communion
1/13  10:00a  SNOW DAY no bulletin
February 2019
2/3  9:15a  Bulletin Lyrics Communion
March 2019
3/3  9:15a  Bulletin Lyrics Communion
April 2019
4/7 9:15a  Bulletin Lyrics Communion
April 2019
Holy Week
Palm Sunday
Maundy Thursday
4/18 7:00p Bulletin Lyrics Last Supper 
Good Friday
Easter Sunday
April 2019
Earth Day
May 2019
Sermon Series: Blessed Assurance
5/5  9:15a  Bulletin Lyrics Communion
5/12  9:15a  Bulletin Lyrics Mother’s Day
5/26  9:15a  Bulletin Lyrics Memorial Day
June 2019
Sermon Series: Modern Day Saints
6/2  9:15a  Bulletin Lyrics Communion
6/9  9:15a  Bulletin Lyrics Pentecost
6/16  9:15a  Bulletin Lyrics Father’s Day
July 2019
7/7 9:15a Bulletin Lyrics Communion 
Sermon Series: Every Day Miracles
7/28  9:15a  Bulletin Lyrics Healing Service
August 2019
Sermon Series: Modern Day Saints
8/4  9:15a  Bulletin Lyrics Communion
Sermon Series & Book Study:
Making Sense of the Bible
September 2019
Sermon Series & Book Study:
Making Sense of the Bible
9/1  9:15a  Bulletin Lyrics Communion
9/29  9:15a  Bulletin Lyrics
October 2019
Sermon Series:
10/6  9:15a  Bulletin Lyrics   World Communion
10/13  9:15a  Bulletin Lyrics
10/20  9:15a  Bulletin Lyric
10/27  9:15a  Bulletin Lyric
November 2019
11/3  9:15a  Bulletin Lyrics   All Saint Sunday
11/10  9:15a  Bulletin Lyrics
11/17  9:15a  Bulletin Lyrics
11/24  9:15a  Bulletin Lyrics

2018 Deaf Ministry Videos

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Lyrics to the music were added beginning March 11.
SERMON SERIES: Lent, Holy Week & Easter
February 2018
18th  9:15a  Bulletin  1st Sunday in Lent
25th  9:15a  Bulletin  2nd Sunday in Lent & Healing
March 2018
4th*  9:15a  Bulletin  3rd Sunday in Lent
11th  9:15a  Bulletin  Lyrics 4th Sunday in Lent
18th  9:15a  Bulletin  Lyrics 5th Sunday in Lent
25th  9:15a  Bulletin  Lyrics Palm/Passion Sunday
29th  7:00p  Bulletin  Lyrics Maundy Thursday
30th  7:00p  Bulletin  Lyrics Good Friday
April 2018
1st*  11:15a Bulletin  Lyrics Easter Sunday
*Communion is served the 1st Sunday of each month
April 2018
Lynn Kohler: Lead Interpreter
Sunday Mornings:
Worship @ 9:15     Bible Study @ 10:45
SERMON SERIES: Are We Yet Alive !
April 2018
22nd 9:15a  Bulletin  Lyrics
29th  9:15a  Bulletin  Lyrics  Healing Service
May 2018
6th    9:15a  Bulletin  Lyrics
13th  9:15a   Bulletin  Lyrics  Ascension Day – Mother’s Day
May 2018
20th 9:15a  Bulletin  Lyrics Pentecost Sunday
27th 9:15a  Bulletin  Lyrics Trinity Sunday & Memorial Day
June 2018
3rd    9:15a  Bulletin Lyrics
10th  9:15a*  Bulletin Lyrics
17th  9:15a  Bulletin  Lyrics Father’s Day
24th  9:15a  Bulletin  Lyrics
*the synchronization of this video is off by a few seconds.
July 2018
1st   9:15a  Bulletin Lyrics Patriotic Hymn Sing & Welcome Rev. Todd Shultz
SERMON SERIES: All Nature Sings
July 2018
15th  9:15a  Bulletin  Lyrics
29th 9:15a  Bulletin Lyrics Healing Service
August 2018
12th  9:15a  Bulletin Lyrics
26th  9:15a  Bulletin
September 2018
9th  9:15a   Bulletin Lyrics
16th  9:15a  Bulletin Lyrics
30th  9:15a  Bulletin Lyrics Healing Service
October 2018
7th  9:15a  Bulletin Lyrics World Communion
14th  9:15a  Bulletin Lyrics
21st  9:15a  Bulletin Lyrics Laity Sunday
October 2018
28th  9:15a  Bulletin Lyrics
November 2018
4th  9:15a  Bulletin Lyrics All Saints’ Sunday
11th 9:15a  Bulletin Lyrics Veteran’s Salute
18th  9:15a  Bulletin Lyrics
25th 9:15a  Bulletin Lyrics Christ the King
December 2018
Sundays of Advent
2nd  9:15a  Bulletin Lyrics 1st Sunday
9th  9:15a  Bulletin Lyrics 2nd Sunday
16th  9:15a Bulletin Lyrics 3rd Sunday
23rd  9:15a  Bulletin Lyrics 4th Sunday
Christmas Eve Services
New Year’s Service
30th  10:00a