Deaf Video Ministry

    Epworth is excited to announce a new ministry to the deaf community. This outreach falls under the Inviting All Ministry Team primarily with connections to the Connecting to God Ministry. The members of Epworth who are deaf and hard of hearing are a blessing to our church. We have members who sing in our Praise Team, offer our Prayer Time, read Scriptures and attend meetings – all by using American Sign Language with the interpreter speaking the words. 
     Epworth is a church offering full participation to all persons. In April of 2009, Epworth began a Deaf Ministry by offering American Sign Language interpretation every Sunday at the 9:15am service. Fast forward to 2018 and at the beginning of the Lenten Season in 2018 (February 18) a new type of ministry was launched to the deaf community… a video ministry specifically for the deaf. Since 2008, Epworth has had a Video Ministry which projects the service on screens in the Sanctuary. It is also recorded and published on the website. DVD copies are made and sent out to the home bound, as well.
     This new Deaf Video Ministry is a production primarily for the deaf community with the main camera focused on the American Sign Language interpreter with a PIP (picture-in-picture) of the “hearing” service video feed. These recordings will include the audio feed, should a hearing person be watching the video with a deaf person.
     Deaf Video Ministry videos are available online for free along with the worship resources. Included will be .PDF files of the full text version of the bulletin and the song sheet, which the ASL interpreter uses. DVDs are also being offered in Sermon Series packages for a nominal fee to cover the duplication and mailing. DVDs will be available for purchase on the website shortly.
     This new ministry allows people to simply worship on their own – OR – churches may offer Worship Services for the deaf community by showing a videos and handing out printed copies of the bulletins and music sheets. Additionally, this may be offered any day of the week. When Communion or Healing is being offered, the participating church Pastor may bring the elements and bless them as the Epworth Pastors on the video are blessing them and then present them to those in attendance.
     It is believed that no other church is offering this type of ministry. The launch of this ministry has been underwritten by the Peninsula-Delaware Conference of, The Northeastern Jurisdiction of and the Committee on Deaf and Hard of Hearing of The United Methodist Church. 
     Donations to Epworth may be made online. Funds may designated to be used only for this ministry or for the church general fund. CLICK HERE to make a donation. If you do not have the means to give, please do not feel obligated, simply help spread The Word.