Reen McCaffrey, interpreting during the Children’s Message.IMG_6422x

David Bendekovits, singing in ASL, with the Epworth PRAISE! Team.IMG_6673x


Carol Stevens speaks into the microphone interpreting for a deaf member of Epworth who is sharing during the Joys & Concerns portion of Worship.IMG_6267x

David Bendekovits, who sings using ASL in the Epworth PRAISE! Team, sharing during Joys and Concerns.


Good Vibrations – Epworth’s Deaf Ministry’s sensation seatingIMAG0128

Close-up of vibration device used in Epworth’s Deaf Ministry’s sensation seating. This device connect to the soundboard which sends the bass signals to the device that transforms the signal into a vibration. The vibration is felt while seated as well as when you are standing on the front of the Good Vibrations board. The Good Vibrations board has three of these devices attached.IMAG0130