Community on Tap is part of the Inviting All Ministry Team.
This Ministry Team works to make it clear that all are welcome to participate at Epworth. We are not bound by the limits of denomination or disability, by race or religion, by gender or sexual preference, by wealth or lack of it as we open the doors to collaborate with the community.
Community on Tap meets on Tuesdays at 6:30pm at Iron Hill.
Due to COVID-19 concerns and social distancing, we have closed the church building and cancelled offsite gatherings. Should one of of our groups like to continue to meet, we have made ZOOM, and online conferencing service available to our group leaders.
Community on Tap has decided to continue meeting via ZOOM. Sessions are held on Tuesday evenings between 6:30 – 8:00.
Please use the links below to connect to the online gathering:

Join Zoom Meeting on your computer… video enhanced…

Meeting ID: 185 391 807    Password: 836307

Be sure to allow both your camera and mic on your PC.

If you do not have a PC with a mic and camera, you may use you smart phone or tablet with the above credentials. Simply go to your device store and download the FREE App.
If you prefer, you may simply dial in via and telephone:
Call in from your telephone…  301-715-8592   Meeting ID: 185 391 807
The BIG REVEAL: February 2020…
A BIG THANK YOU goes to Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant released a “beer”, a a guava Kölsch*, in honor of Epworth’s Community Outreach ministries. A portion ($1 per pint) of the  proceeds comes to Epworth. This fundraiser runs until the kegs run dry.
* guava Kölsch … read more.
Community on Tap…
   … is designed for conversations that are at the intersection of faith and life. Sessions are held on Tuesday evenings between 6:30 – 8:00. Attendees may order food and drink as they choose.
   Please invite friends and neighbors who you believe are searching for relationships and community in a relaxed setting.
   We gather in the side meeting room.
The BIG REVEAL: Spring of 2019…
A BIG THANK YOU goes to Iron Hill Brewing Company who released new soup and beer in honor of Epworth’s Community Outreach. A portion (20%) of the proceeds went to Epworth’s Outreach Ministries. This fundraiser ran until the kegs ran dry.
Epworth’s Outreach Ministries…
are part of the Inviting All Ministries seeking to find those in the community who are searching. Searching for what? Meaning, by chance; themselves, maybe; a place to simply be, perhaps.