Community on Tap

  On Sunday, January 20th, Iron Hill Brewing Company released new soup and beer… in honor of Epworth’s Community Outreach and since it is a Sunday…. a portion (20%) of the proceeds  go to Epworth’s Outreach Ministries. This fundraiser runs until the kegs run dry… be sure to ask for The Abbey, you’ll see it up on the board if it is still on tap – or ask about it.
Community Gatherings…
    Starting January 22nd we providing a weekly gathering at Iron Hill Brewery for conversations that are at the intersection of faith and life.  Sessions are held between 6:30 – 8:00 pm and attendees can order food and drink as they choose. Please invite friends and neighbors who you believe are searching for relationships and community in a relaxed setting.  We gather in the meeting room past the main dining room. 
Contact Pastor Todd
in the church office
if you have any questions…
302-227-7743 x 105
Please invite your friends and family
as the Iron Hill staff
embraces the community
around us in this act of giving.