Clowning for Joy!

A ministry of the Caring Pathway, Clowning for Joy provides joy and caring for persons in all places; from worship services to nursing homes and city parades.

Clowning is a special gift from God, which comes from the heart. (An art from the heart!) It is a way to connect with the forgotten persons in our community… a way to comfort those who suffer physically and emotionally. The clown also has a strong presence in children’s faith activities. The clown conveys love, understanding, compassion and patience, but most of all one’s self, as Jesus did. The Supreme model for our clown is Jesus and our clowning must bear witness to Him.

The word “clown” is derived from the word clod (Anglo Saxon). Early on, the clown was a simple, lowly one, looked down upon as a lump of soil. God took the dust and breathed Divine Spirit into it and made it the object of love. In I Corinthians 1:27, “But God has chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise”. And in Psalm 100:2, we are instructed to “Serve the Lord with gladness.” Clowning is a spiritual journey, a journey in which we die to self, and Christ comes to life in us and through our clown character.

Interested in joining Clowning for Joy? If so, contact Grace Note (Donna Baker) at

Clown Skits

Looking for a clown skit for worship? Very talented clowns within Clowning for Joy write our awesome skits to be presented monthly at our contemporary worship service. Please feel free to share these original scripts with others!

                                                                       Christmas Skit 2012

                                                                       Thanksgiving Skit 2012

                                                                            Body of Christ   Let Go Let God
                                                                         The Unopened Gift  Spelling Bee 

                                                                          GPS for Life    Christmas All Year

Clown Skit Videos during Worship Services


       Let Go and Let God              Thanksgiving 2012  



Lewes Christmas Parade 2011





Seawitch Parade 2012


Specs and Chuckles in Beebe Hospital


Pop Pop the Sailorman and Scotty Tru-Wit


Blessing of the Bookbags and Clowns


The Family Picnic at St. Jude’s


Parading for Christ!




Holly Day and Fallarina


Simplicity and Pinka Dot