The Cemetery Superintendent and Committee have scheduled our annual Spring Cleaning for the first week of April 2020. Christmas and other holiday decorations will be removed the 1st week in April. If there are any items which you would like to keep, please remove them prior to March 31.  

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Cemetery Committee shall be to operate and maintain in perpetuity the Cemetery on Henlopen Avenue in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware as a holy place of honor and respect for the deceased and their families and friends, as well as a peaceful and attractive environment in which persons may grieve, meditate and be renewed.

The Epworth Cemetery and Columbaria

The Epworth Cemetery and Columbaria are located within the town limits of Rehoboth Beach at 187 Henlopen Avenue, the westernmost end of the street.  The peaceful, well-manicured and landscaped cemetery was created in the early 1900s, with space for some 2,400 burial plots.  The columbaria were added in November 2014 to provide a blessed, local space for cremated remains. 
     Just as Epworth United Methodist Church welcomes all,  grave sites and columbaria spaces are available to anyone, regardless of church affiliation or residency.

The Cemetery

The historic grounds are overseen by the Epworth Cemetery Committee, who ensures proper maintenance, including routine landscaping and special clean-ups periodically throughout the year. Today, approximately 100 cemetery spaces remain available. The cemetery superintendent coordinates selection of specific niche locations.  

The Columbaria

The Epworth Columbaria – three stately granite structures providing consecrated niches to house containers of cremated human remains – provide a sacred resting place for people choosing cremation over more traditional burials.  The only columbaria within the Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, city limits, the structures contain a total of 120 niches, each with the capacity for up to two sealed containers.  Each niche includes an engraved faceplate with the persons’ names, as well as dates of births and deaths. 
     The cemetery superintendent coordinates selection of specific niche locations.     
      The columbaria have been blessed by Epworth’s then Senior Pastor the Rev. Vicky Starnes and the then Associate Pastor the Rev. Dr. Pat Loughlin (retired).


For more information, please contact
Jay Stevenson, Interim Cemetery Superintendent
Business Office:
Epworth United Methodist Church
19285 Holland Glade Road
Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971
Rules & Regulations, amended April 2014
*Prices are subject to change without notice.





Pricing structure for Burial Plots, Columbarium Niches and Permit Fees at the Epworth United Methodist Church Cemetery and Columbarium.

New Pricing as of November 15, 2016:
$1050 per Burial Plot (Epworth members)
$1800 per Burial Plot (non-Epworth members)
$300 Permit Fee for Burial Plots
$225 Monument Marking fee
$2100 per Columbarium Niche (top row)
$2000 per Columbarium Niche (3rd row)
$1900 per Columbarium Niche (2nd row)
$1800 per Columbarium Niche (lower row)
$225 Niche Shingle Engraving
$225 Permit Fee for Columbarium Niches

Each Columbarium Niche will hold 2 urns.

– Please contact Jay Stevenson, Interim Cemetery Superintendent, at 302-930-3733 if you have questions or need additional information.
– Epworth member/non-member pricing only effects Burial Plots and not Columbarium Niche prices or other fees.
The Epworth Cemetery and Columbarium is managed by the Cemetery Committee, a sub-committee of the Board of Trustees of Epworth United Methodist Church. The Cemetery and Columbarium is located at 187 Henlopen Avenue in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. The business office is located in the church office at 19285 Holland Glade Road, Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971 – 302.930.3733. The Epworth Cemetery and Columbarium is a holding of Epworth United Methodist Church, a 501(c)3 Not For Profit Delaware Corporation, a holding in Trust to The United Methodist Church.