2020 Fall Worship II Series – The Benefits


Sunday Worship
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October 18
Authentic Relationships (Romans 12:3, 9-18) God invites us to be real with ourselves and with others.
October 25
Radical Hospitality (Genesis 18:1-15) Radical hospitality means making a safe and welcoming place for everyone.         
November 1 – All Saints/Communion Sunday
Joyful Gratitude (Psalm 30) Practicing gratitude shifts our perspective to joy. 
November 8
Humble Service (Luke 22:24-27) Following Jesus means humbling ourselves and adopting a spirit of service.
November 15
Justice Seeking (Isaiah 58:6-12) Seeking justice for others who are oppressed brings healing to us.
November 22
Patient Peace (Colossians 3:12-17) When we put on love, our hearts overflow with peace.
Discipleship Journey: The Benefits
For our second fall worship series, we look at the benefits of the discipleship journey (not primarily the destination!). Join us to explore the unique rewards of following Jesus.
Throughout the year, we will be focusing on different aspects of our journey of discipleship (following Jesus by living the life to which he calls us – individually and as a human community). We begin with a focus on Christ’s Invitation to the journey of discipleship. For six Sundays, we will focus on a different aspect of the invitation: Who gives it; How we hear it; When we receive it; Where we discover it; What it is; and Why God invites, rather than commands us.
Pastors Vicki & Bo