An explanation of our Ministry Plan & Church Leadership

Our Vision:

Exploring Faith, Embracing Community

We believe that when we explore faith and embrace community, we follow God’s call upon Epworth Church. These actions define who we are in that faith deserves our exploration and the well being of the community outside our walls must not be forgotten. We invite those who participate in church to do worship plus two, which is experiencing worship plus finding one ministry that explores faith and one that embraces community.

Our Mission:

Inviting All, Finding Your Place,

Connecting to God, Demonstrating Care

We organize in Four Ministry Teams that work in collegial ways to fulfill our vision. Each team is led by an elected Ministry Leader and a staff Program Manager who work with those called to coordinate our cooperative ministries (Ministry Coordinators). These teams review and evaluate current ministries and strategize new ministries as they determine the best next steps in each Mission Area.

Inviting All: This Ministry Team works to make it clear that all are welcome to participate at Epworth. We are not bound by the limits of denomination or disability, by race or religion, by gender or sexual preference, by wealth or lack of it as we open the doors to collaborate with the community.

Finding Your Place: This Ministry Team works to help everyone find how they can use their gifts to participate in meaningful activities that explore faith and embrace community. We believe in small groups where people care for each other and help each other grow spiritually. This team helps connect people to a life of faith.    

Connecting to God: This Ministry Team works to deepen our connection to God and one another through quality worship, including the interpretation of scripture, prayer, sacraments and music. In addition to a variety of styles for worship, we also offer conferences and retreats for spiritual development and healing in our community.

Demonstrating Care: This Ministry Team works to put our faith into action as we demonstrate care in the community and in our church. Offering help to recover from a natural disaster or from a personal struggle, we live out the love of neighbor, reaching near and far through these ministries.

Support Teams: Elected leaders organize by function to provide the resources needed to support these coordinated ministries. A Board of Trustees provides a safe and functional space for ministries, a Staff-Parish Relations Committee provides paid personnel to inspire and manage ministries, a Finance Committee provides the financial planning and resources for our ministries and a Nomination Committee provides elected leaders to govern these ministries. Finally, a Church Office provides the scheduling, communicating and accounting functions that oversee the day to day operations of what we do.

Governing Board: The oversight of all Ministry Teams and operations resides with a Governing Board composed of a Chairperson, Secretary, Lay Leader, the Senior Pastor, the four Ministry Leaders, and the chairs of Trustees, SPRC, and Finance Support Teams.