Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ, here is a little bit about us,
     Our church’s mission statement – Exploring Faith, Embracing Community – reminds us that the spiritual life is never static. You are welcome to come and join us wherever you are on your spiritual journey, whether you are entirely new to church, a life-long Christian, or somewhere in between. You’ll find lots of groups, Bible studies and classes to help you grow in your faith. And this is a church that takes to heart Christ’s call to serve our neighbors with humility and generosity. You’ll discover lots of ways to go out into the world to put your faith into action with us.
     Our Ministry at Epworth is more than just Sunday Morning Worship. Our Ministry is the work we do as the hands and feet of God within our own congregation and outside our doors in the world. We divide our Ministries into four strategic areas, Inviting All, Finding Your Place,  Connecting to God and Demonstrating Care. Each Ministry Area is lead by a lay person and a staff support person. More information is available on our Plan for Ministry web page
     We have a fabulous and committed staff of clergy and laypersons who work with our congregational leaders to guide and shape vital Ministries for children, youth, and adults. Some of them have been here for more than twenty-five years, some for only a few years. Everyone brings gifts, passion, and experience to the table and has a heart for the people of this church and community. You’ll find our staff loves to get phone calls, emails, and feedback, and they’ll be happy to talk with you. Their contact information is on the Staff page.
     Other leadership include our Governing Board who makes our business decisions and the Board of Trustees who hold our Capital Assets in Trust from The United Methodist Church. You may find out more about these committees by clicking the link. 

     We’re part of the United Methodist Church which puts us in communion with Christians all over the U.S. and throughout Africa, the Philippines, and Europe–nearly 13 million strong. The people of The United Methodist Church are putting our faith in action by making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world, which is the mission of the UMC. Through the power of our connection, we are making a positive difference in more than 125 countries. John Wesley, who founded the Methodist Church as a reform movement within the church of England in the late 1700’s, preached grace as the starting and ending point of our lives and called for a thinking faith that would engage both our heads and our hearts. His core beliefs and practices continue to shape the church today.

Come join us. Grow with us. Go out to serve. We’d love to have you join us on the journey!

Rev. Vicky & Rev. Glenn
 along with the Staff and Leadership of Epworth,
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