One way to learn about Epworth is through the Quarterly Newsletter, “EPWORTH MATTERS”. Below are links to Epworth Matters. Beginning in November of 2019 the Monthly Newsletter was retired and the Epworth Matters was launched. We hope that you like the new format. You will also find links to the previous monthly publications below, as well.
Daily and weekly events are found in the weekly Worship and News bulletins.
They are in .PDF format that will download onto your computer. A free .PDF reader is available from Adobe, the developer of “PDF” and major publisher of .PDF file software.


Epworth Newsletter

In an effort to be better stewards of our finances and the GreenEarth&Dollarenvironment and to truly be a GREEN church, Epworth News is available for download. A notice is sent to the church electronic mailing list when a new issue is available. Click here to sign-up for the electronic mailing list. If you need to receive a printed copy, one will be mailed to you. Please call the church office.
Quarterly News – Epworth Matters
March ’14 – no newsletter during the transition
Epworth sends out an electronic news message and invitation to worship every Friday. To be added to the e-mail list,

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