Kiva@Epworth Celebrates Two Years…

We are a group of Epworth members who meet every other month to make small loans which help people around the world create opportunity for themselves, their families and their communities.  In our two years, we have made 88 loans worth $4,400 in 35 countries to vetted and deserving individuals and groups.  To find out more contact Reber Whitner via e-mail …
We would love to have you join us.  Kiva is a simple concept that can change a person’s life. We promise you will leave feeling as though you made a difference … because you did! 

Calling All Bread Bakers…

Needed: some new bakers to share in the making of Communion bread.
Breads are needed on the first Sunday of every month and a few additional special occasions. Currently only one person is covering most Communion Sundays. Can you please help? The recipe is available. Contact the Church Office for sign-up information.

Care Line Phone Number…

To contact Epworth’s Pastoral Care Team, call the Epworth CARE LINE number, 302-437-4548.

Many Hands— Less Work— More Fun!

– There are SO many ways to put faith into action here at Epworth! Here are some possibilities:
  • thekitchen@epworth;
  • Food rescue;
  • Christmas Joy! 365;
  • thegarden@epworth;
  • Worship visuals, planning and set-up;
  • Basic Plumbers;
  • Fair Trade Sales;
  • Basic painters;
  • Bus volunteers;
  • Office volunteers;
  • Sunday School teachers;
  • Nursery helpers;
  • Worship Service helpers;

Call the Church Office, 302-227-7743, to volunteer!


Electronic Giving

Remember:  We now have  Giving Kiosk in our Narthex… What’s a Giving Kiosk? It’s a card reader that enables electronic giving: Those who choose to use the kiosks will be able to swipe a credit or debit card and make a donation right in the Narthex – no check writing or stopping at an ATM.
Our Online Giving also has been updated with a new user interface. PayPal is still an option, but the new Epworth Online Giving allows you to manage your secure account and see your activity.
Find out more about your Electronic Giving options by clicking here.
gift wrapped box


shopEPWORTH is a service launched on December 1, 2014. It is brought to us through The United Methodist Church’s UMCmarket. The UMCmarket has affiliations with over 100 online shopping merchants. When you join shopEPWORTH you use the UMCmarket online portal to link into the merchants an whenever you make a purchase a percentage is sent back to Epworth. In the first 2 weeks post-launch, over $130 was raised for Epworth, just through people’s online shopping. The prices of the online vendors are their normal online prices – their websites will look the same as if you had gone directly to their website. Click here to start shopping and giving.