It all started with a prayer…

     Early in 2007 our church family started with a prayer and ended up with our move from Baltimore Avenue to Holland Glade Road – 10 years ago. This was a giant leap of faith.  Since then, we have welcomed hundreds of new members, reached out to our community in countless was through all of our mission areas. 

     None of this could be accomplished without you, our member volunteers in conjunction with our community volunteers. We truly are a church centered in God and focused on Exploring Faith and Embracing Community.


Now Imagine the Possibilities…

     We are so close to erasing our mortgage debt. Imagine what God could do through us. When the dollars you so faithfully give could be spent to strengthen our current ministries, create new ministries and new programs that would enable us to do amazing things through God.

Imagine the possibilities….



Lord, what do YOU want to do through me?  



Not an Equal share, but an equal sacrifice…

     Sacrifice is mentioned more often in the Bible than even prayer. It is defined as something “a worshiper brings to express devotion, thanksgiving or the need for forgiveness.”  To give a sacrifice is to give something of value, and give it with joy. What may not be of value to one could be extremely valuable to another.  To understand this even better, please read Luke 21: 1-4.



What is our goal?

     Your Campaign Leaders started praying in December 2017 about the answer to this question.  We will actually consider several Benchmarks for our campaign and will announce these on March 4,2018.



What is expected of you?

     All we are asking for now is your prayers.  Remember, it all started with a prayer.


Campaign Dates

     January 28 – February 18… the Prayer Team calls local/active members to ask them to pray about this campaign and to help answer questions.  If you don’t receive a call, and would like one, please call the church office. 

March 4        Gratitude Sunday

March 17     Prayer Event

April 15        Celebration event

April 22        Commitment Sunday

Your Leadership Team
Dedication of Leaders for Capital Campaign During Jan. 7 Worship.
…not all of the Leadership Team is pictured here.
Read more about our Consultant
from Horizons Stewardship, Zip Long – CLICK HERE.

Denny St Germain – Co-Chair, Andy Brangenberg – Co-Chair, David Hagelin – Co-Chair, Lauren Stayton, Cathy Benson, Susan Jimenez, John and Linda Ecklund, Nancy Logan, Cathy and Bill Shook, Barbara Kurtz, Sue Brenton, Beth Rinker, Karen McCauley, Miriam Barton, Tom Trlica, Sandy Roberts, Jeanne Jerfsten, Rose Barcelona, Gwen Osborne, Bill Quinn, Brett Svensson, Bob & Marilyn Smith, Evans & Diane Shearon, Mike Tyler, David Garrett, Linda Kauffman, Sue Spencer, Vicky Starnes, Glenn Catley, Franklin ‘Zip’ Long