March 2020 Sermon Series: 24-Hours That Changed the World

LENT begins with Ash Wednesday.
   The day marks the beginning of a period of reflection and penance. In the Bible, sprinkling oneself with ashes was traditionally a sign of one’s sorrow for having committed sins. In the Christian tradition, Ash Wednesday also marked the beginning of preparation for seeking a deeper understanding of the death and resurrection of Christ. The pastor marks a cross on the forehead of each worshiper. This practice has become a part of Ash Wednesday services in many United Methodist churches. Please join us on Wednesday, February 26 at either 12-noon or 6:00pm for our Ash Wednesday Observance.
The Sunday’s in LENT…
    Adam Hamilton’s book, 24 Hours That Changed the World, reveals that during the last twenty-four hours of Jesus’s life, everyone around Jesus failed him in some way. They fell asleep when he needed their support, turned their back on him, denied, betrayed, humiliated, tortured, dehumanized, and lastly, crucified an innocent man?
   Please join us in Worship for Lent and Holy Week on Sunday Mornings at 7:45, 9:15 or 11:15 and in the evening on Holy Thursday & Good Friday as we delve into the last 24- hours of Jesus’ life – leading us through Lent, to the Cross as we wait for the blessing of Easter morning.
   Pastor Vicki and Rev Todd will bring us through Lent and Holy Week, inside of Hamilton’s book as we as a church sturdy the book in small groups.
   Our Community on Tap group will also be using this book in their discussions.
   On Holy Thursday we will remember Jesus breaking the bread and declaring it be remembered as his body and offering the cup of wine as a symbol of his blood. HIS BODY! HIS BLOOD!… soon to be beaten and poured out in exchange for our sins.
    On Good Friday we will walk the final steps of Jesus as he is betrayed by His friend, set on trial, found guilt, nailed to the cross and crucified. We will leave in darkness and silence as we await Easter morning.

Easter Egg hunt for the kids … check their webpage…
Easter Sunday information is on our Easter Sunday 2020 webpage
LENT 2020:
The 5 Sundays in March
Worship Services at
7:45, 9:15 and 11:15am
Sunday, March 1
Communion Sunday
The Garden of Gethsemane
Psalm 118:5-6 & 13-17
Mark 14:26 & 32-42
Pastor Vicki delivers the Message
Sunday, March 8
Condemned by The Righteous
Psalm 88:1-4
Mark 14:53-65
Rev Todd delivers the Message
Sunday, March 15
Abandoned by the Disciples
Mark 14:43-46 & 66-2
Pastor Vicki delivers the Message
Sunday, March 22
Jesus, Barabbas & Pilate
Psalm 27:1-3 & 11-14
Mark 15:1-15
Pastor Vicki delivers the Message
Sunday, March 29
Mocked by the Soldiers –
The Torture & Humiliation
of the King
Psalm 22:14-21a
Mark 15:15b-23
Pastor Vicki delivers the Message
Palm/Passion Sunday, Holy Thursday and Good Friday
Sunday, April 5
Mocked by the Soldiers –
The Torture & Humiliation
of the King
Luke 19:28-40
Rev Todd delivers the Message
Thursday, April 9
Holy Thursday
The Last Supper
Psalm 25:1-2 & 16-18
Mark 14:12-16 &22-25
Pastor Vicki delivers the Message
Friday, April 10
Good Friday
Buried in the Tomb
Mark 15:40-47
Pastor Vicki delivers the Message
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Your Ministry Coordinators for the Connecting to God Mission Area are Pastor Vicki, Doug Yetter and Murray Archibald