2017-18 Stewardship Campaign

Epworth Church impacts those who live in our neighborhood and around the world. Thank you for your past pledges to our shared ministries as we come to the end of our current fiscal year. We ask for your continued financial support so that we can maintain the good works of healing, joy, hope and peace now offered. Because of you, the grace of God is made real in the lives of people.

We need a 
 for our ministries. Our Trustees work faithfully to provide a safe and inspirational facility to house the many ministries of Epworth. We have a fine building that has ample parking, filled with functional rooms that support what we do. Our facilities need maintenance and repairs.
We need 
paid staff
 coordinating our ministries to be effective. Our Staff-Parish Relations Committee works faithfully to provide us with the best leadership, inspiring us to make a difference in people’s lives.
We need 
volunteers and elected leaders
 who act as the head, hands and heart of Jesus in today’s world. Some lead efforts on behalf of all, working closely with church staff for effectiveness. Our Nominations Committee and staff Program Managers work together to discover, train and assign these gifted leaders.
And we need 
 to make this all happen. Our Finance Committee commits themselves to the fiduciary tasks of making sure your donations are used appropriately and responsibly, recording all gifts and monitoring all income and expenses.
Governing Board
 oversees all that we do to fulfill our vision (Exploring Faith, Embracing Community) and mission (Inviting All, Finding Your Place, Connecting to God, Demonstrating Care). By looking at the big picture, these leaders keep us on course and meet monthly to review all that happens.

It is time for us to complete and return Giving Cards indicating our pledge for the fiscal year, 2017-18. The importance of this can not be understated; your commitment helps us to be realistic about our budget and plan our expenses!

The amount you give is up to you, but the fact that you believe in what we are doing and trust Epworth with this pledge is a gift unto itself. Here are some guidelines for your giving.

  • The biblical tithe remains the standard for people of faith. Offering to God 10% of your income, not your assets, guides faithful followers of Jesus today. Many people tithe and we encourage you to prayerfully consider joining us.
  • Percentage giving is another option. Determine the percentage of your income that you do give and step up toward tithing as you increase in giving this coming year. We ask that you consider a 5-10% increase over your current pledge to Epworth.
The theme for this year’s campaign is  
Investing in Faith and Community
. We ask that you return your Giving Card on Sunday, May 28 or June 4! Thank you for all that you do as we explore faith and embrace community together.
As of June 30…


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